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APY to APR Calculator

AssetBrief's APR calculator converts your annual percentage yield (APY) into an equivalent annual percentage rate (APR).
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How many times does the APY compound per year?
per year
Annual Percentage Rate
A 5.5% APY that compounds monthly is equivalent to an APR of 5.366%.
Compounding Frequency Number of Compounding Periods
Annually 1
Semi-Annually 2
Quarterly 4
Monthly 12
Weekly 52
Daily 365

How to use this calculator

Our APY to APR calculator will convert your annual percentage yield (APY) into an equivalent annual percentage rate (APR).

Simply enter the APY and the number of times the APY compounds in a year.

What is APY and APR?

APY and APR seem very similar, but are very different.

APR, or the annual percentage rate, is the annual interest rate paid on an investment, without taking into account the compounding of interest.

APY, or the annual percentage yield, does taking into account the compounding of interest.

This is a very subtle difference but makes a big impact on the return that you receive on an investment or the interest you pay on a credit card bill.

How are APR and APY calculated?

The formula for APR is:

The formula for APY is:

How big of a difference can there be between the APY and APR?

There can be a big difference depending on how often interest is compounded during the year.

Let’s take an example.


A credit card company charges 2% interest per month. What is the APR and APY?

APR = Periodic rate x Number of periods in a year
= 2% x 12
= 24%

APY = (1 + Periodic rate) ^ Number of periods - 1
= (1 + 2%) ^ 12 - 1
= 26.8%

The difference between the APY and APR is 2.8%.

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